The Highest Standards of Childcare Services

Week day services

Our facilities are opened five days a week. We are delighted to receive enrolled babies from 6.30am and provide care and teaching services till 6pm daily.

Weekend services

week end services

In fulfillment of our principal objective, we take cognizance of the week-end social engagements of nursing mothers. In this regard, a special week-end care service has been planned and will soon be available on Saturdays only from 6.30am to 4pm. Parents are expected to give at least 3 days’ notice to the Management of their intention to use the week-end service. The week-end service will also be opened to others other than our regular patrons.

Techer child ratio

Teacher to child ratio

Total care requires that babies and toddlers be paid maximum attention. To achieve this, The Babynest ensures that we maintain a reasonably low nanny/teacher to child ratio which currently stands at 1:10, maximum. This ratio is relatively lower for babies between the ages of 3 months to 1 year.


In choosing and adopting our curriculum, we had broad consultations with Early Childhood Development experts and practitioners. The results of these consultations led to our adoption of a hybrid of the various internationally recognized systems, viz, the Montessori, the British and the traditional methods. The hybrid system leverages the best in each system and ensures balanced early childhood learning experiences and foundation for progression into main stream Schools.


Further to our commitment to enhancing our curriculum to meet current early childhood teaching and learning imperatives, we have also established an e-Learning Centre at The BabyNest with a view to introducing our children to ICT at this tender age. This is to make them competitive with their counterparts in the developed world where these facilities already exist.

bbn paediatric care

Paediatric Care

As part of our Total Care philosophy, we have employed two qualified Registered Nurses as full time employees; one each for our facilities at Dansoman and Legon. Our in-house nurses provide pediatric and general health care for the children and staff at our facilities. This is to ensure early detection and management of infections and other health issues in our facilities, in fulfillment of our total commitment to health, safety and security in our facilities.


Personalized baby care

The Babynest recognizes the individuality of each baby. We therefore strive to maintain this individuality by providing personalized care for the infants, where the exercise of this tenet will ensure a high degree of hygiene, disease control and sensitivity to their individual needs. We therefore maintain separate toiletries for each baby and encourage parents/guardians to supply and regularly change these items to ensure good health for their babies. The Babynest also enforces a baby to a cot policy at all times. Feeding bottles of babies are strictly not communally used.


We have an average enrollment of about 750 (seven hundred and fifty) children year on year aged between 3 months and 5 years, across our 3 facilities located at Dansoman, University of Ghana, Legon and the Westland, all in Accra. They are Enrolled into crèche, mobile crèche and nursery classes.


To enrich our curriculum and also to respond to new researched methodologies for early childhood learning experiences, we have introduced the I-Math into our curriculum and the feedback from parents is remarkable!

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